Kale Cafe will Be closed on July 16th -20th

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will be closed for renovations July 16th -20th. See you Monday July 21. Thank you

Smoothies & Movies this Saturday at Kale Cafe!

We are gearing up to jam this Saturday, so dig out your best 70s polyester gear because you may just win the prize for best dressed.  We have a disco ball, we got smoothies and food, and we got a great movie we are showing that happens to be a PBS documentary that I had the pleasure of helping out on.  So bring your entire family out this Saturday.  Do not worry about the race fans, while they are watching cars, we are going to enjoy our community and one another and burn some calories .

Cost:  FREE (Donations always accepted for our non profit to continue to provide healthy meal options to Daytona and great programming.)


Check out the trailer for Soul Food Junkies



Greetings Everyone,  thank you for your business, we are enjoying every minute of this journey and it has been hard work but so very rewarding.  Each day we are thinking of ways to make our business better serve you.  So check out some events we are having or just had this month and I welcome your suggestions and partnerships.  Also if you have a company that would like to sponsor our event, let me know, we will have similar programming each month.


Tuesday 4, 2014  Couples Yoga  6-7pm  FREE

Saturday 8, 2014  (West African Dance Class)  2-3:30pm Cost $10 (includes a 16 oz smoothie)

Thursday 13, 2014  6-7pm   (We Love Animals Story Time and Vegan Cookie Hour) FREE

Friday 14, 2014   5-8pm  Vegan Valentine’s Dinner Cost $30/person 

MENU: Choice of Seitan Marsala, Lasagna, or Stuffed Mushroom (gluten and wheat free option) with sides of either pasta, salad, or mashed potatoes!  Comes with an appetizer and also dessert.  Of course you get your kale salad. FOUR COURSE MEAL, you can even get it to go.

Saturday 15, 2014  Raw Food Meet Up 6-8pm $15/person,   *Also remember the Wine & Chocolate Walk is this Saturday because it got rained out last week and that is from 1-6pm.  Last but not least VEGAN BRUNCH is every Saturday from 10am-1pm.

Tuesday 18, 2014 COOKING CLASS: Let’s Make Seitan   6-8pm $30/person  (Limited Scholarships Available for people that get EBT benefits) Cooking classes are for ages 8 and up.  Whatever you make you get to take home with you and it is a lot of fun.  The theme of what we will prepare changes every month.

Thursday 20, 2014  Vegetarian Society Monthly Meet Up 6-8pm Cost $10 Adults, Children $6

Saturday 22, 2014  West African Dance Class 2-3:30  $10 (includes a 16oz smoothie)

Wednesday 26, 2014   COOKING CLASS: Let’s Make Seitan   6-8pm $30/person  (Limited Scholarships Available for people that get EBT benefits) Cooking classes are for ages 8 and up.


See you very soon





Come in today and sign up for cooking classes and  West African dance next week, also do not forget the Vegetarian Society Meetup is Thursday the 16th of January, that is tomorrow from 6-8.


Tuesday January 21, 2014  6-8  $30.oo/person  includes food to take h0me for your family (bring tupperware if you want)

Thursday  January 30, 2014 6-8   $30.00/person   Class sizes are limited to 10 people


Saturday January  25, 2014  2-3:30   West African Dance  $10/person   includes a smoothie , class size limited to 20 people


Sign up and Pay inside Kale Cafe Today



A couple changes are under way at Kale Cafe to make it more fantastic for your vegan enjoyment,LOL.  Our walk in cooler is fixed which means it is now time to get these much anticipated juice cleanses into gear.  We will be buying tons of organic produce and storing it in our walk in cooler, prior we had very littlespace.   So thanks for your patience.

I have become wiser and and realized that the menu smenu was not working out!  WE NEED STRUCTURE FOLKS, so a sneak peak at the upcoming menus. Feel free to email me at midtownecovillage@gmail.com  and give me your feedback. With our new menu that we will post online and print, we will still offer daily specials,but they will be set by the week so there is no guesswork.  Fair?  I hope you appreciate we just want to better serve you and from time to time, we will have exciting things that we dream up or you suggest.  Iwi finalize it this weekend and then it will  proudly be a banner hanging in our store, no more us driving you crazy as you wait for us to put the chalkboard up.Smh, getting it together,we mean well.


Weekly Specials

Mix it up Mondays

Entrees: Baked Jerk Tofu, Black Beans, Spinach Pies

Sides:Brown Yellow Rice, Cornbread, Roasted potatoes, Kale Salad


Tuesday Wrapper’s Delight

Entrees: featured weekly wrap on either organic wheat wrap or collard green

for raw and gluten free options

Sides:Pickliz, Roasted Potatoes,Kale Salad, Tabbolueh,


West Indian Wednesday

Entrees: Curry Chick’n, Curry Daal, Brown Stew Tofu

Sides: Pumpkin and Cabbage with coconut milk, Kale Salad, Pickliz, Mac N’Sheese, B.Rice and Peas


Ital-ian Thursday

Entrees: LasagneLentil Soup, Baked Jerk Tofu

Sides: Garlic knots, cornbread, Kale Salad, Millet Tabbouleh, Roasted Potatoes


Festival Friday

Entrees: Escovitch Tofu, Jerk Seitan, Jerk Nut Meat Wrap(Raw)

Sides: Rice and Peas,Kale Salad, Pickliz, festival, Mac n’sheese, Sauteed Curry Pumpkin and Cabbage


Soulful Saturday

Entrees: Jerk Seitan, Brown Stew Tofu, Jerk Nut Meat (Raw), Scrambled Tofu*(comes with brunch sides)

Sides: Rice and Peas, Kale, Mac N’Sheese, Curry pumpkin and cabbage, Pickliz, Cornbread, Roasted Potatoes*, Pancakes*


Meal Prices

Daily Special $10 (includes one entree and three sides)

Raw Meals $15 (nut meat and two salads)

Sides $5


Sweet Tings and Other Stuff

Wheat Free and Gluten Free Scones $2.50

Cupcakes $2.50

Raw Pies $5.00

Organic Herbal Teas $2.00

Bottled Water $1.00


Green Stuff (Kale, mangoes, ginger, freshly juiced apples, banana, pineapple)

Mango Carrot (carrot juice, mango, banana, pineapple)

Bethune Berry Bliss ( strawberries,blueberries,pineapple, banana, freshly juiced apples)


Bruce it Up ( almonds, basil, mango, water, banana)


Protein Punch (fresh almonds, cinnamon, bananas, water)



16oz $5

24 oz $8

32oz $10



You’ve got Kale! (Kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley, ginger, and mint)


COLD KILLAH (lemon,bell pepper, garlic, ginger, carrots, swiss chard, echinechea, and cayenne pepper)


Rootsman Skank Carrots, beets, ginger, and lemon


Better Bitters Celery, cucumber, dandelion, celery and basil


Just Beet It Beets, celery, apple, lime, and ginger


Bunny Milk Just plain old carrot juice



16oz $ 7

24oz $10

32oz $12


Kale Cafe Juice Bar & Vegan Cuisine is officially Open in Daytona Beach

Hard work pays off after all,  that is the lesson we are teaching our children.  We are the Brown’s of Beach St.  116 N.Beach St. in Daytona Beach, FL.

We were the Brown’s of Brooklyn, but for those of you that do not know our story . . .we moved here after Omar (Farmer Brown/ Smoothie Mon)  got laid off.  So we really took lemons and made lemonade, and to that we added carrots, apples, ginger and bananas and kale and made smoothies. LOL.  We work hard and are visionaries.  Both our families are from Jamaica, as a matter of fact Omar was born there.  Our food pays tribute to our grandmothers and mothers who love fi cook!!!  Our food is best described as Caribbean Vegan Cuisine.


Our philosophy on food is simple, we do not like processed foods and avoid them.  We use organic as much as we can and are always trying to get more organic foods as well as local food.  Currently we use organic tofu, wheat, corn, carrots because they are often genetically modified and we say no to GMOs! We try not to fry stuff and we use food that looks like food and fresh ingredients that take a million hours to prep because they taste better, so we do it the right way.  We cook what looks fresh when we go shopping or what is on sale, or what seems good for the unpredictable  Florida weather.  Simply put, our menu is evolving as we see what our customers most enjoy.

We feature daily specials with 2 entrees each day and all meals come with our kale salad and usually another salad.

Entrees: Brown Stew Tofu , Baked Jerk Tofu, Jerk Seitan,  Lasagne, Curry Chik’n , Raw Jerk Nut Meat, Scrambled Tofu, Jerk Mushrooms

Sides: Mac n’ Sheese, Brown Rice and Peas, Yellow Brown Rice with Black Beans,  Curry Daal, Curry Chana and Pumpkin, Roasted Potatoes, Millet

Soups/Stews: Red Stew Peas, Chili, Split Pea Soup, Lentil Soup, Corn and Pumpkin Soup

Salads: Kale salad, Tabbouleh, Pickliz Cabbage Salad, Millet Salad, Cucumber Tomato Salad, Greek Salad

Sweet Tings: Scones, Cupcakes, Raw Pie*( once a week)

Smoothies & Juices

Green Stuff

If you need to know exactly what we have and hate surprises, that’s okay follow us on Facebook and Twitter or call us the old fashion way. . .

Kale Cafe Juice Bar & Vegan Bistro  on Facebook


116 N. Beach

Daytona Beach, FL 32114


Other news,we are going to have a New Year’s Eve Party Family Disco!!!  Also coming in 2014 weekly cooking classes, daily juice cleanse and meal plans, West African Dance Classes, and a Organic CSA pickup and delivery club at our shop. Along with Smoothies & Movies once a month, free lectures, and much more ways to have fun and get yourself and everyone you love healthy.


Reflecting on how we got here

The big day is near, check  out Omar and I reflecting. . .

A New Baby

A New Baby. . .



Edit (30 minutes left)

Yes our new baby is almost here, the contractions are getting closer together and I am feeling the urge to push.  I am telling you, this store is our new baby.  Kofi came two weeks after his projected due date, there is our time and God’s time.  I prefer God’s time so as eager as I am to get the doors open, I am also understanding of divine order.

In the interim, everyone keeps asking the question of the day, when is the baby coming, or rather when are we opening? I feel bad because I thought we would have been opened already but  There are so many little details that are being taken care of now that I personally overlooked.

We will get our leasehold improvement  grant from the city today! Which will allow us to purchase our POS (point of sale) system that tracks everything we sell, inventory, etc. and works with an Ipad and a square. It’s sleek and very efficient.  We also have to get an oven, we only have a three top gas burner now.

Omar painted the countertop red and it looks beautiful.  Oh we passed our electrical inspection and have three more to go.  Woo hoo. The bathrooms are being tiled today,and that was the last major thing that needed to be done.  The floors and walls throughout the entire 3600 sq ft massive place are all painted and stained with one million coats LOL.

I am going to look for a changing table and a bathroom vanity today.   Call me if you have a wood changing table ASAP.

We have our menu board going up today as well as wall art/decor. My favorite part obviously.  I got to print and laminate our juice cleanse and meal plan package signs.

Also we just got another juicer so we have two big fancy juicers now, enabling us to be at an event and still have the store going eventually, when we have enough man power that is.  Also ordering packaging, more blender jars etc.

So lots of last minute details but all coming together.  As for balancing my family life, making sure everyone gets a physical etc, because who knows when we will have another free day.  Also going to take my kids on a field trip and get a romantic date in with Omar.  For at least a year, my family life as we know it will be very different, but we know sacrifice and we are ready for it.  Please keep us in your prayers and be patient a little longer.

We honestly are doing the best we can and going the fastest we can, it is all new to us and has been an exciting adventure.  My mom said to me this morning, do you realize you are going to be cooking every day, all day?  LOL.

Please visit us tomorrow (Saturday 9am-2pm) in front of our store, rain or shine for so yummy vegan food and smoothies.  The baby is almost here.  Thanks for all your love and gifts, see you soon.

Almost there, Kale Cafe Juice Bar Countdown this Saturday November 9!


 November 7th, 2013   Edit

Okay, I know what you are saying, hurry up and open already. . .I wish I could say I was just building momentum, but the truth of the matter is our place is huge.  We can not have the front room look beautiful and the backroom look ridiculous.  So, all the walls in our entire building have been painted in lovely bright colors, mainly green, yellow, and red!  Then the terazzo floors throughout have been stained this beautiful rust color.

Um, of course there was additional drama with our electricians, do not worry I am going to report them so they do not jerk anyone else around like they did to us.  Fortunately, I am a praying wife and was able to calm my irate husband down the other day and he was more angry than I have ever seen him in the 17 years I have known him.  Thank you electricians for giving us a nervous breakdown, no really, thank you.

Decorations are going up on the walls, but again the length of our space is 150ft, so that is a long wall to decorate.  I like batiks and masks, and positive word affirmations.  I found in metal the letters to make the word KALE, so  be putting that up with all the nutritional benefits of kale.  The mural is just about done, only have to paint the sky, draw an eggplant with a top hat and a mushroom.  Kofi was not invited to paint but decided to assist any way.  My big kids were begging me to paint as well.

A lot of the things we stored in our home for our business the last two years are migrating to my store, AMEN.  However, with the stainless steel bowls and many other things went the decorations from my wall, my bench, bookcase,  kids toys. LOL!  I have to make the store feel like my home because for many hours out the day, it will be.

This Saturday, we will be set up again directly in front of our store to invite you to the Kale Cafe Juice Bar Countdown Event.

WHAT: Kale Cafe Juice Bar Event ( We are going to get your feedback, tell us what you want on the menu, walk through and take a sneak peek before the final inspections are done)  We will also be selling lunches, smoothies, and of course giving out samples.  This is your chance to make this your new healthy eating home too so come and be a part of it and bring a virgin with you.  A KALE VIRGIN, that is, what is all this hype about?  Skeptics, why just bring the folks that know you look awesome but have not made the connection that is because you eat healthy every day.  Bring em!!!  The pickier the better, we love the skeptics.

WHEN: 9am-1pm    2-5  (We will still be there moving furniture around and need strong people that can help do that)

WHERE:  116 N. Beach St.   Our New HOME to Healthy Vegan Foods

COSTS: Come by, lunches are $10 My menu for Sat is as follows: Scrambled Tofu, Brown Stew Tofu, Kale Salad, Carribbean Tabbouleh, Curry Chana with pumpkin and potatoes, brown rice, banana chocolate chip scones, and cinnabons with apples and walnuts!  Of course, as always expect the smoothies yall.  Smoothies are $5 for 16oz and  24oz is $8.   Why the price increase from $7 bucks on the food.  Well, now we have a huge overhead to take care of so in order to be open 6 days instead of just one day at the market, we had to make big changes.  Also, we have switched to using exclusively organic tofu, and many other organic products and will continue to do so, because it makes sense, but costs more cents if you know what I mean.

As a side note, we do want to host a CSA or food CO-OP of sorts so we can all buy organic in bulk which will help everyone and also build community.  I will also be applying to take SNAP/EBT so any salads and smoothies, juices will eventually be items that can be purchased with food stamps.  Why?  Because we all deserve to eat healthy at affordable prices.

WHY:  Because we want to meet you in person, hug you, chit chat, and let you see what we been diligently working on to bring to our community.  Please bring the following items if you have them to help us furnish our place.  Just think, it will be like when you come to Kale Cafe Juice Bar, it will have a piece of your home in it too, or a piece of a thrift store you stopped at LOL.

First let me thank all of you that have dropped by the store to bring books, mops, money, wine crates, paint, and hugs and smiles.  We love you!  For those of you that sent smiles in the mail, we love you too, keep cheering us on and see you soon.

WISH LIST:   1) Small solid wood dining tables, we have tons of chairs, got em for two bucks each, so tables.

We want the back area to be like a giant cozy living room, but is huge so coffee tables, couches that are in great condition that did not come from a home with animals or a smoker (picky picky, I know, sorry.  Also as much as leather is easy to clean, it is an animal by product, so vinyl and pleather yes, LEATHER NOPE.

2) Wood kids furniture, not a big fan of plasic.  (A wooden table and chair set)

3) Wooden kids toy kitchen  and toy train table  (Making a KIDS LEARNING ZONE FOLKS)

4)  FAO Swartz makes a cloth world map and it is about $70 at Toys R Us if anyone wants to get that.

5) Board games that have been gently used and still have pieces, puzzles

6)  Rocking Chair (going out on a limb here)

7) Sewing Machine (still have to sew my coffee bean sacks into a curtain)

8)  ottomans

9) 160z mason jars if anyone wants to buy some (going to use them in house for smoothies)

10)  Plants in pots that do well indoors to enhance air quality

11) carved wood masks or statues.

12)  Artwork (if you are an artist be part of our gallery and sell your work in a highly visible place)

13) If you are in doubt, just think is this funky?  If the answer is yeah, then it probably would be a perfect addition to our store.

14) Okay, my children are homeschooled and I would love to give them a ipad to fight over or macbook, or any laptop for that matter.  If you have one that you want to give to them, that would be amazing.

We will also may have a DJ playing and you will be able to sign up and pay for for Healthy Cooking for the Holidays Classes.  I will offer two evening and two day sessions that will be $25 each.  What will we make you say?   Well you will sign up for the different classes on Saturday and I will have descriptions then. We will also have our T-shirts for sale that say Midtown EcoVillage and give a recipe for our green stuff on it, they are $20.

Okay sorry to be long winded, I have been super busy and needed to get everyone up to speed, including my sister in Malaysia.  Hi Claudine.


See you Saturday, Peace and Blessings


Kale Cafe Juice Bar kickstarter Update

Donate Today

Also we are making our space as green as possible, including a lot of reclaimed wood.  We want to purchase solar panels and have a rain water catch system.  For those of you that at are carpenters and handymen and women, please reach out to us if you can do some in kind work.  We seriously could use an electrician.  We are also taking reclaimed wood.  We need bar stools and solid wood tables.  Is there a plumber out there??  We are doing a shabby chic look so if you have some solid pieces that may work in the space, let us know.  We have 3600 feet to decorate.  Last but not least if you can sew or reupholster stuff, please call us.  We got 20 chairs donated and want to make them look funky.  My cell is 3476617179 so please give me a call, you can also call our business phone (386)227-7393.


We are going to make this great together so thank you for your support, it takes a village.

Love The Browns