Brown rice and peas, tabbouleh, kale salad, and mac n’sheese


Mediterranean Mondays

Entrees: Spinach Pies, Soup, Jerk Mushrooms

Tapas Tuesdays

Entrees: Stuffed Mushrooms, Brown Stew Tofu, Soup, Raw Meal

West Indian Wednesdays

Entrees: Curry  Daal/Chana, Brown Stew Tofu, Jerk Mushrooms

Ital-ian Thursdays

Entrees: Lasagna, Stuffed Mushrooms, Soup, Another Dish*

(*another dish we freestyle could be Pizza, Ravioli, Alfredo, Eggplant Parmesan, who knows)

Freestyle Friday 

Entrees: Seitan, Brown Stew Tofu, Raw Meal

Soulful Saturday /Brunch

Brunch: Scrambled Tofu (comes with pancake, roasted potatoes, kale salad), Seitan, Jerk Mushroom, Brown Stew Tofu

Our Menu Philosophy : We like as much local, fresh, and as much organic food as we can afford.  We do not want to get bored with vegan food so sometimes we completely switch it up, our menu changes with the seasons and what produce is available.  We are cafe style, meaning we do not cook a lot of menu items to order, we cook everything fresh in the morning then after lunch we cook again for dinner. We love to cook and we love food so we try to keep a balance of your favorites available daily and then rotate other items.  You get three side dishes with your entree and the sides change daily, sometimes hourly depending on what is popular.  We understand there are people with soy, gluten, and other allergies.  We try to have a variety that always includes enough options for you to make a plate to your liking, even if you double up on a side of your choice!  Please be understanding and if you have your heart set on something, call ahead to make sure we still have it.  Groups come in, everyone decides to get the same things, etc. and we run out and rush and try to make more, it’s fresh, it’s slow food, it’s good food so it takes time and lots of love to make.

Baked Jerk Tofu, Curry Chana, Brown Rice, Kale Salad

Baked Jerk Tofu, Curry Chana, Brown Rice, Kale Salad

Sample Side Dishes

(We make about 4-5 a day for you to choose 3 from to go with your meal)

All Wheat & Gluten-Free Sides: Kale Salad, Pickliz (Haitian spicy coleslaw), Tabbouleh (Parsley, cucumber, tomato), Milletbouleh (tabbouleh with the gluten free grain millet), Brown Rice and Peas cooked with coconut milk, Bok Choy & Eggplant Stir Fry, Roasted Roots (scalloped and baked beets, potatoes, and yams drizzled with olive oil and sea salt), Black Eyed-Peas, Black Beans, Timatim (Spicy Ethiopian Tomatoe Salad), Curry Pumpkin & Cabbage, Seasoned & Roasted Potatoes, Jerk Mushrooms, and  Yellow Brown Rice

Non Gluten-Free  Sides : Mac N’ Sheese, Pancakes, Garlic Knots and Cornbread

Jerk Nutmeat stuffed avocado, kale salad, pickliz, tomato mango salad.

Jerk Nutmeat stuffed avocado, kale salad, pickliz, tomato mango salad.