2018 is a great time to be Kale Cafe, because the future is plant foods and no one can argue with that.  Whether you have been a loyal customer since our days at the farmers market, original location, Ormond store that is no longer there or our new Port Orange location. . .we love you!

Being a trailblazer and entrepreneur is not easy, its blood pulsating through your veins that keeps you chasing after your dream and with each failure and mistake you feel, not defeated but closer to your dreams coming true.  I would say that sums it up.  It seems like just yesterday we made our first $100 at the farmers market and had 3 children in 2011.  Fast forward to 2018 and here we are with 6 children and 2 restaurants with over 12 employees.

The journey has been so demanding that updating this blog has not been a priority but instead survival and keeping pineapples and kale in the store, along with running my children to their weekly activities has taken over.  But now. . . with 4 kids in school for the first time in their life, that leaves me with only 2 babies in the day, which is a piece of cake. HA.  No, but honestly,  I am in a position to now focus on marketing and working on my business and growing it, rather than scrambling in it all day long.  Can I please get an AMEN?  IMG_20180209_152816_944

So setting goals and budgets, working with people smarter than me, chefs that actually went to culinary school and can help us with unit costs, making recipe books, creating systems, bottling our salad dressing, creating new sandwiches, sourcing local produce and buns!!! PROGRESS.

These things all take time, and sometimes the pain of failing. . .but pain is temporary.  Solutions are necessary and must happen quickly to experience success and staying positive and not being crippled by mistakes and fear.

What am I proud of?  I am proud that my husband and I opened the first Black Owned Business in the history of Beach St. and have been there over 4 and half years.  Please note we had no prior experience in running a business and he worked at McDonald’s and I worked a summer job in the village in NY at a juice bar.  That was the extent of our food experience, oh but we both had been vegetarians for over 2 decades and loved healthy food.  So with that, we made the beginning of our dreams for providing a legacy for our family, start to come true. . .and we are a work in progress.

I am proud that I sell products that are NON-GMO, and sometimes organic and local and continue to strive for more ways to make healthy eating more affordable.  I am proud that my kids have been homeschooled while growing this business, right beside me and their dad learning with us. . . all about running a company.  I am proud that I love the food my cafes serve and that we don’y serve people anything we wouldn’t feed our own greedy and  growing children.  Fondly, referred to many as “the tribe”and rightfully so, there are 6 of them and no one thinks we are done. LOL. No comment.

Proud that although we had to close a store which was hard for us to do, because of our pride, we did it to move forward and did not give up or quit.  So, whats next for Kale Cafe?  Well the sky is the limit and each day we keep growing and getting stronger and building a solid foundation.  I smile at this, because we are resilient and I now know that that is a big part of being successful.

To you and your dreams, I say go for it.  The world needs what God has put on your heart to bring to the world, and nothing can stop you because the universe want you to be successful.  Will it be easy?  Will you cry and fail miserably sometimes, um I guess you could call it that, but we call it growing pains and everyone has them.  Judah cries from the pain of his teeth coming in, Zion cries if he can not find the words to say his feelings, Kofi cries when his muscles aches from training for the track team, Tandiwe cries when she falls off the beam in gymnastics, Fela cries as he struggles how to balance his kindness in a mean world of being a young Black man, and Amali cries as she tries to make sense of navigating the teen years.  Omar and I cry too, by ourselves, together, and its okay.  All the tears are okay and normal.  In order for a seed to come out the earth, the ground has to be tilled and broken up, then the rains come and then the seed can begin to grow.

Camille and Vegan athlete in our Beach St. location

Camille and Vegan athlete in our Beach St. location

Life is just like that, isn’t it?  So 5 years later. . . a blog update, the first of weekly ones, because consistency is so important.


One Love,


Camille, Omar, and the tribe