Donate Today

Also we are making our space as green as possible, including a lot of reclaimed wood.  We want to purchase solar panels and have a rain water catch system.  For those of you that at are carpenters and handymen and women, please reach out to us if you can do some in kind work.  We seriously could use an electrician.  We are also taking reclaimed wood.  We need bar stools and solid wood tables.  Is there a plumber out there??  We are doing a shabby chic look so if you have some solid pieces that may work in the space, let us know.  We have 3600 feet to decorate.  Last but not least if you can sew or reupholster stuff, please call us.  We got 20 chairs donated and want to make them look funky.  My cell is 3476617179 so please give me a call, you can also call our business phone (386)227-7393.

We are going to make this great together so thank you for your support, it takes a village.

Love The Browns