Kale Cafe

First let me say thank you to my customers, seeing people try our vegan food and green smoothies for the first time and the things they say are my accolades. My family works hard but this work has been so rewarding and is fun more than anything. As you all may or may not know, before I became a self-proclaimed chef, I was and still am a filmmaker. So the fact that Hollywood glitz and glam did not appeal to me is no surprise, I am a lady who is rooted in family and community. I prefer to talk to one of my fabulous customers about seasonings and recipes than to be on a red carpet any day. I said all that to say this, I LOVE YOU and thanks for your support. Who knew my passion for cooking and my husband’s love of growing food would start Midtown EcoVillage, but it did!

Gulp! Lease has been executed, here we go folks.

Midtown EcoVillage is now going to present to you our very first juice bar and vegan cafe. Yes I said, you cheered us on, you waited patiently, you did not get mad when your brown stew tofu spilled everywhere en route home because of our inexpensive but eco-friendly paper trays got soggy. You stuck with us and you came out in the rain, in the winter, in the hot days of summer and you were loyal, You made us realize we were on to something and that you needed us just as much as we needed you. We became family. The Farmer’s Market was our training ground, talk about on the job training, but we did it, you all and us together, we learned and grew together and now . . .I present to you, our newest baby.


Midtown EcoVillage’s Kale Cafe & Juice Bar

                                        116 N. Beach St.

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

If you missed it that is our new location. One of you lovely customers saw my sign at the market and pulled me aside and asked if we still needed help, investors, etc. Well, God Bless our angel that gave us a loan for $10,000.00.


Just deposited the check that our customer had given us the 10k loan for!!!!

Okay and if that was not exciting enough we already signed the lease!!!!! No we are not kidding, we have claimed this and we are giving it everything we got. This fall, Midtown EcoVillage, doing business as Kale Cafe Juice Bar will open it’s doors on Beach St. is part of the Beach St. Renaissance.

If you are not excited yet, get excited. Watch the video which another one of our fantastic customers has created for us and in exchange we give him a green mustache and his wife kale in her teeth. Yes, it has certainly taken a village to grow our business and we still need and value your help and input.


The plan is as follows: We still need to raise an additional forty thousand $40,000 bucks and if 200 people give us 100 bucks we are half way there. We are also seeking contributions from corporations and other organizations. There will be many rewards for the monies and/or in-kind services and goods donated. So help us so we can help make this place as awesome as ever, because we need it and Daytona needs it.

Check out our kickstarter link below and give what you can, if you have no money to give, tell a buddy to help out a good cause and remember you can always donate carpentry, electrician, painting, etc. services. You will receive a letter thanking you for your contribution for your tax records.

Spread the word, share the links on your facebook services, chat us up in the bathroom at your job, tell your employers you want them to be a sponsor so we can make smoothies for your co-workers. Just do what you can to help get the word out, the more the merrier. We have to raise the full amount of money we need on kickstarter because if not, we do not get any money at all. Womp womp, but that will not happen. We are too strong to fail, so let’s go forward, we are a village and we can do this.

We Love You All and Thank You For Your Support in Advance!!!

Peace & Blessings,

The Browns