15 Nov

A New Baby. . . Comment Like   Edit (30 minutes left) Yes our new baby is almost here, the contractions are getting closer together and I am feeling the urge to push.  I am telling you, this store is our new baby.  Kofi came two weeks after his projected due date, there is our time […]


Also we are making our space as green as possible, including a lot of reclaimed wood.  We want to purchase solar panels and have a rain water catch system.  For those of you that at are carpenters and handymen and women, please reach out to us if you can do some in kind work.  We […]


  First let me say thank you to my customers, seeing people try our vegan food and green smoothies for the first time and the things they say are my accolades. My family works hard but this work has been so rewarding and is fun more than anything. As you all may or may not […]