Thanks for visiting our site, please take the time to explore if you are new watch some videos and look at photos, read articles, and see us in action.  We are raising monies to help us get Kale Café ready for our grand opening this October and need your help.  Please click the link below which will take you to our kickstarter page so you can contribute whatever you are able to help us get our community healthy.

Lastly, after you give what you can, please share the link with people so they can see what we are about as well.  Putting the link on your facebook page is  great idea and also tell your employer because they may be interested in some of the rewards we are offering and may want to sponsor as well.  We will reach our goal of $20,000 by September 1th, 2013.

Kale Café & Juice Bar will be your one stop for all things healthy and a great place to meet other people on the journey to optimum health. Get ready for green smoothies galore and vegan food that will have you wishing you knew how to cook that good.  That’s where Midtown EcoVillage takes over, I will offer cooking classes for individuals and families all gearing you up to cook fantastic vegan food.  So think of this as one of the best investments in your health, which is your true wealth.  See you soon in Kale Café at 116 N. Beach St.

If you happen to work with a company that does construction, painting, or electric work please email me at or call 347.661.7179 because we need your help and would love for you to do some in kind work for us.

Thank You & We Love You


The Browns







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